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About Us

Bitcoin Ichip provides an online gambling platform which is Secure, Anonymous and Faster as compared to other betting platforms. Ensuring security and minimizing the risks in transactions were one of the main focuses of our team because, at the end of the day, it is the user satisfaction that matters the most to us.

Solving Betting Problems

The current betting industry has various issues that must be addressed. We at Bitcoin Ichip are determined for solving each and every issue and provide creative solutions, virtue of our brilliant team which understands this arena very well.

Lack of Transparency

Confusing Regulations

Data at Risk

Low speed

High transaction cost

Biased to bookmaker

Bitcoin ichip solutions

Transparent, Reliable and Fast. Our complete system is built around these fundaments.

Backed by the blockchain technology, we are able to to provide a secure platform for players from all over the world.

To separate ourselves from others, it was important for us to build a system that would not just eradicate the existing problems but also give some uniqueness to the industry.

We understand what our users expect from us and the system. keeping that the centre point of our process, we have emphasized heavily on complete player satisfaction. Other than gambling, the Bitcoin Ichip token can also be used for trading purposes.

Understanding Bitcoin Ichip


Bitcoin Ichip offers a platform where users can come and buy tokens to place bets at various gambling platforms associated with us. Our decentralized system ensures complete security and fairness in the games you play. Maintaining trust of our users is our paramount objective.


The rise of various crypto currencies is not hidden from anyone. Bitcoin Ichip is expected to witness the same rise because of its limited supply. This provides owners of Bitcoin Ichip tokens to earn really good money in a very short period.


Bitcoin Ichip token can be used in more than just one way. Other than using it for placing bets online, owners can also trade their tokens whenever they wish to.


There are many gambling platforms already associated with us. We are constantly in process of adding more bookers to our list. This will add more oxygen to our system, giving our users more options for placing their bets.

ICO Daily limit for per account. Min 250 and Max 25000 BIC

210,000,000 Total Supply

7 Sale Phase

161,700,000 ICO Supply

Price Table

Phases Date Max BIC Token Price Status
Pre ICO Sale 18th-31st March 2018 20M $0.1 Over
Public Sale Phase 1 -    01st-10th April 2018 20M $0.12 Over
Phase 2 -    11th-20th April 2018 20M $0.15 Over
Phase 3 -    21st-30th April 2018 20M $0.16 Over
Phase 4 -    01st-10th May 2018 20M $0.18 Over
Post ICO Sale Phase 1 -    11th-05th May / June 2018 20M $0.2 In Progress
Phase 2 -    16th-30th June 2018 20M $0.25 Waiting

Meet Our Team

Himanshu Pandey

Chief Technical Officer

Malay Tripathi

Blockchain Architect

Sathish Kumar

Business Development Head

Ravi Arya

Project Manager

Rahul Singh

Lead Software Engineer

Shikhar Srivastava

Ethereum Developer

Shivam Gupta

Marketing Manager

Kaushik Ghosh

Smart Contract Developer

Affiliate Program

We are providing one of the best Affiliate Commission if you invite other members and let them join our best buy Bitcoin Ichip model


Total Supply : 210 million BIC Tokens






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